Why I’m going to walk 1000 miles in 2016!

Sat in front of the fire with a healthy sized plate of Christmas leftovers, before you ask; no, this is not some mad post-feasting idea! It’s is all part of an exciting new adventure with ViewRanger – #walk2016.

The general gist of this challenge is to pledge to walk 250, 500 or 1000 miles with ViewRanger in 2016. I know this may initially seem a little daunting, but when you break it down 1000 miles equates to 20 miles per week, just less than 3 miles a day.

Out walking in the Peak District this December
Heading towards Crib Goch earlier in the year
Heading towards Crib Goch earlier in the year

So why am I doing it?

Firstly as many of you know, I simply can’t resist a challenge! January is also a great time of year to embrace something like this – it’s cold, dark, wet and generally we are all feeling a bit miserable (and skint!). So what better idea than to get involved in something that will get you outside exploring more?



Each year I am always looking to get fitter and stronger doing things I actually enjoy, and #Walk2016 fits perfectly this. I’ll admit the thought of hours pounding the treadmill facing the wall fills me with slight dread. I totally respect those that can do that – but it’s just not me, I need to be inspired and motivated by my surroundings.

Whatever the weather, the outdoors is always out there and totally free to enjoy. From getting fitter to improving my photography skills, there are so many benefits to hitting the hills. Plus I know that by aiming to reach that 20-mile target each week I am sure to discover even more beautiful new routes and places around the UK and beyond this year coming.



If anyone else would like to join me by taking part in the #Walk2016 challenge, I would love to hear from you (or even walk with you!). I’ll be posting my favourite routes of the month on here as well as social media. In addition to this, I’d love to sharing other walkers photos and stories as they take part in this great adventure.

Hiking in the Dolomites, Italy
A wintery day in Glencoe
A wintery day in Glencoe

So what are you waiting for… To sign up just click here:



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