Preparing for Dig Deep’s Peak District Ultra

So this time tomorrow I will have hopefully completed my first ultramarathon – Dig Deep’s Intro Ultra! This is both an exciting and nerve-wracking thought.

Hill training
Hill training

Preparation has had its ups and downs; I will wholeheartedly admit there have been moments (mostly on the first hill of any route) I have had a full blown paddy about not being able to do it. That aside, regardless of the result tomorrow, I am so glad a signed up. It has got me out consistently running longer distances – something, it turns, out I really love. Having always leant towards training the bike and climbing my running has not always been a priority. But the additional pressure of a race has made me devote more time to it, and that has been a great opportunity.

So pretty now the heather is out
So pretty now the heather is out

As far as someone who would always like to do more and have longer to train I feel pretty prepared. Last weekend helped this as I headed out into the Peaks and managed to comfortably run 20 miles – something I could never have done this time last year. I also managed to complete the whole route (as planned) without getting lost! I think preplanning a rough route using ViewRanger before I headed out helped save energy, and mentally I find it easier to know roughly where I am going.

Saturday's route - follow me on ViewRanger for more details
Saturday’s route – follow me on ViewRanger for more details

As I am sure you can understand, I am keeping this short and sweet tonight as I have a lot to do and am up bright and early tomorrow. To stay up to date on how I am getting on just check out my Facebook or Twitter – although I doubt I will be tweeting mid-race!

Wish me luck!


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