Hetty Key


I live for adventure. Being outdoors is so much more than a hobby to me - I thrive on it, rely on it and in some ways couldn’t live without it. When I am not out exploring, I am dreaming of my next adventure - which could be anything from a weekend running around my local hills to some epic endurance event or obscure challenge further afield.

I love pushing myself both physically and mentally to find my limit. I can't explain quite why this is, but I have often found this is when you discover amazing things about yourself. I am not naturally talented or gifted - in fact, at school I was once told I would never make a long distance runner! I have achieved what I have from having big dreams and working hard. My main inspiration and drive come from loving what I am doing and the environment I am in - whatever the weather!

But what do I want to achieve?! An almost unanswerable question…

I want to find adventure. See beautiful places only accessible from sheer human effort. I’d like to climb mountains and at the end of the day sit back with a beer, totally worn out, and watch the stars. I’d love to run, bike and climb all over the world!

But more importantly - I’d like you to feel how I feel when I am outside - the sense of satisfaction and peace, the ear to ear grin that just creeps over your face when you realise you did it. I want to inspire you to take that step and go for your goals. I want you to find your adventure.

I might be a relatively ordinary girl but believe me, I am determined to make an impact in every way I can.