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The Thomas Theyer Fell Race

Set up in loving memory of Thomas, by Alan, Chris and Aimee Theyer (Thomas’s dad, mum and sister) the Thomas Theyer Foundation aims to increase the access children and young people with additional needs have to exercise, in particular, outdoor activities. Currently, the foundation is raising funds to build two lodges in the Peak District. These […]
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Cannock Chase Winter Classic MTB

From what I had read before the event, the Cannock Chase Winter Classic race seemed like the ideal introduction to endurance racing on the mountain bike. For me, the attraction was the fact they have a whole range of categories from beginner to pro. Being new to this style of race, but confident on the bike, […]
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Race report: Blanchland Open5 Series

Last year the Open5 series by Open Adventure were some of my favourite races of the season. I was disappointed to have to pull out of both their December and January races due to injury/illness, so as you can imagine I was very excited to be back up and running (kind of!) for their February race in Blanchland – […]
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Race Review: Sheffield TenTenTen

My entry to Sheffield TenTenTen was a very last minute decision! I had been out running with the Front Runner crew on Tuesday, and everyone was talking about it… A bit late to the party I was fairly sure I wouldn’t get a place however as it happened the next morning TenTenTen tweeted to say they had had […]
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Wild Running’s Something Wild Festival

With the aim of arriving at River Dart Country Park in vaguely sociable hours, I set off straight from work on Friday. The car was loaded, and I had checked, double checked and triple checked my sleeping bag was packed this time! I was off to Wild Running’s Something Wild Festival – a fun and family orientated […]
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Lakes Sky Ultra Race Report

Arriving at Cumbria University campus in Ambleside it suddenly hit me – I was actually going to have to run this race! It may sound silly, but this has been a distant and far off target for so long it didn’t quite seem real. But with banners, signs and race notifications everywhere there was no […]
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Dig Deep’s Peak District Ultramarathon

A few months ago I made a bold statement – “I’m going to run an ultramarathon” – I said confidently. Friends and family quizzed me slightly concerned, “What’s that?”, “But you have never run a marathon!” and “Why?” seemed to crop up the most. Shortly after this, I came across a flyer in Outside, Hathersage […]
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Hathersage Gala Fell Race | Outdoor Adventure Motivational Speaking | Hetty Key | Mud, Chalk & Gears

Hathersage Gala Fell Race

Despite probably needing a rest day after a busy weekend I was far too tempted by Hathersage Gala Fell Race on Monday night! So after work I popped on my running kit and made my way to the Hathersage. The idea was to take the race gently using it more as a training run than competition […]
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Grindleford Fell Race, Peak District | Outdoor Adventure Motivational Speaking | Hetty Key | Mud, Chalk & Gears

Grindleford Fell Race

One of the highlights of this month so far has to have been Grindleford Fell Race. Convinced by the lovely group at Front Runner on a Tuesday night jaunt, later that week I headed from work to Grindleford all ready to take part in, what I thought would be a small local fell race – […]
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Peak District Haglof Open 5 Adventure Race | Outdoor Adventure Motivational Speaking | Hetty Key | Mud, Chalk & Gears

Peak District Haglof Open5

Sunday was the second of my Haglof Open5 Adventure Races! As I had done for the last race, I decided it would be good to head out on Saturday for a warm up and to check all was running smoothly on the bike. This was also the perfect opportunity to fit in another ride with […]
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