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It’s okay (not to be okay).

For a quite some time I’ve had a nagging question in the back of my mind – how much of my true-self am I happy in ‘putting out there’? I set up Mud, Chalk and Gears to keep a record of my adventures and encourage others to give things a go. It’s important to me […]
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Time for a Spring Clean!

As I am sure you all know I love kit… As a result, I have collected (and loved) many jackets over the years. Once retired from use these tend to gather dust in my wardrobe. That is until now, as Mountain Warehouse have launched a great initiative called  Jacket In. Jacket In means you can take your […]
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My top tips for staying motivated throughout injury

As I am sure many of you know the past few months (late October to January) have been a bit of a disaster! Starting off with a few kidney troubles, then when that had all finally passed, first run out I managed to sprain my ankle. All in all 2016 didn’t quite kick off in […]
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Welsh Adventures – Zipworld and Bounce Below

After a relatively easy journey down we arrived at our main base for the weekend – Llechwedd Slate Caverns. Top of the agenda was Zipworld Titan, the longest zip-line in Europe! Claiming to have spectacular views over the moors, mountains and mine we were glad the weather was on our side, and the sun was shining – […]
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Interview with Capture Outdoors

Capture Outdoors is a great website dedicated to everything outdoors, from adventuring and sport to the more creative, such as photography and art created simply from resources found in the wild. I love the range of topic they cover, it illustrates perfectly how being outdoors is not just about getting into sport or hardcore activity […]
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Wild swimming in the Peak District | Outdoor Adventure Motivational Speaking | Hetty Key | Mud, Chalk & Gears

Wild Swimming – the best way to cool down!

Phew, it’s been hot! As much as I love the mini heat wave that has hit the UK this week, it is less fun when you are sat in an office 9-5! Come to the end of the day I can’t say I particularly fancy running or cycling when it is this humid and facing […]
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The importance of adventure | Outdoor Adventure Motivational Speaking | Hetty Key | Mud, Chalk & Gears

The importance of adventure!

Adventure is addictive, for me it is an essential and fundamental part of living. No matter how big or small it sends that fizzle of excitement through me that reminds me that I am alive. Now before you worry, I am going to get philosophical and deep on you, don’t! A few weeks ago Carmen […]
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