Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket

This has to be one of my favourite items of clothing. I wear it everywhere – climbing, walking, to work, to the pub! It has actually got to a point where my friend Katie had to tell me to stop talking about how great it is (she has since brought a down jacket herself!).

In short, this is a handy and robust, lightweight down jacket suitable for all your outdoors needs. I tend to wear it most of the year, as on colder days in the winter it is still useful as an extra layer.

This jacket is tough – initially, I was very precious over my new expensive purchase – however as time has passed I have been far less careful (even dragging myself through narrow gritstone cracks!). I’m pleasantly surprised how well it’s coped five years on – it is still in good enough nick to wear to work and the pub!

If I were pushed to find a negative, I would say it is not best in the rain for pre-longed periods of time (but I'd stress I don’t think it is meant to be!). It claims to be hydrophobic, which it is – to an extent. If you are caught in a shower, you won’t get wet, but if you're planning to stay out in the rain long, I think you are far better to have a waterproof jacket to hand.

In summary, this has been, and still is, a super jacket! Whether you use it as a light belay jacket climbing, to warm up after running/cycling or just to pop down to the pub, I find it’s an incredibly versatile layer that also looks good. Don’t be put off by the price it is worth every penny!

Post run/cycle
Great warmth to weight ratio
Packs down to a small size
Basically none for me!
Not ideal in heavy rain