Polaris Mica Jersey

This winter I have got layering for cold days out on the road bike down to a fine art! There is nothing worse than fluctuating from sweating to freeze on your ride. But recently the better, more spring-like weather has called for a decent jacket or outer layer to go over my jersey.

After a quick trot round the shops, I came across this – the Polaris Mica Jersey. This is a thick brushed windproof jersey that not only does the job but also looks great too! Despite being quite lanky with a short body, this fits well and is nice and long at the back. The only negative were the sleeves which, for me, were verging on the short side. They come down to the wrists no problem, but when I have my thumbs through the thumb holes riding they quickly become too tight (cue blue thumbs!).

Out riding I was also very happy with this jacket’s performance – the back of the jacket did not ride up, and it kept me a good temperature throughout. I have worn it in various conditions and find it is perfect for keeping the wind off.

Regarding practicality, this jersey has three pockets at the back – these are all quite deep and hold a good amount of stuff. The middle pocket has a velcro fastening in the centre. The velcro seems very strong but I do worry that it will rip off the jersey as it doesn’t feel very securely attached.

In conclusion, I am really happy with this jersey and can see myself wearing it a lot. The few niggles I have mentioned are minor, and I wouldn’t say they affect the overall performance – a great buy!
J E James: Polaris Mica Jersey

Go Outdoors: Polaris Mica Jersey
Road Biking

Feminine fit
Washes well
Short Sleeves
Back pockets could feel more secure