Mountain Warehouse Portable Stove Cookset

I love camping – I think it really adds to the adventure of a weekend and allows you to stay in some fantastic locations. So when Mountain Warehouse asked me to take a look at some of their camping range, I was more than happy to oblige! One of the best bits of camping is the cooking – I am always amazed at what you can create with a selection of random ingredients. So I this summer I have taken their Portable Cooking Stove and Two Person Cookset out on my explorations…

First, let's look at the Mountain Warehouse Portable Stove by Kampa – this is a very easy to use outdoor gas cooking stove. As you can see, it comes in its own box which is particularly handy for storage. I tend to store my cooking things in the end section of the tent so like the fact the stove will be kept safe and dry.

Concerning usage – it could not be simpler! They do give you step-by-step instructions, but to be honest, I doubt you will need them. It is straight forward, just plug in the gas cartridge (which you do have to buy separately but are not too expensive – around £7 for four), slide the safety lock across, ignite it and go!

Getting down to the nitty-gritty bits, the safety lock is a handy feature as it means you can’t use the stove without the gas securely in place. It also has an auto ignition, so you won’t be in too much trouble if you forget the matches! Plus the flame height can be adjusted easily using the knob.

So stove sorted, you are going to need some pots and pans to cook in!

Mountain Warehouse was kind enough also to send me their Two Person Cook Set. This a great starter kit and provides you with a lightweight, compact set including two plates, two plastic cups, an aluminium saucepan and frying pan and detachable handle.

The nice thing about this set, aside from its price, is how it packs up. When you are not using this, all the items pack together and are held with a strap, which is ideal when you are a bit tight on space. This set does exactly what it says on the tin (literally!) and is perfect for those looking for a cheap and cheerful option.

Overall if you are looking to get kitted out for a spot of outdoor cooking this is a solid choice and great value for money too. The only slight downside is the weight of the stove, which only really becomes an issue when you are carrying everything on you, but if you are looking for a hardwearing easy to use option for out-the-car camping and festivals, this is perfect.
Mountain Warehouse: Cookset

Kampa: Stove
Out the car camping
Easy to use
Gas for this stove is not available in Europe