Black Diamond Vector Helmet

Although I always look ridiculous in helmets (think Toad from Mario!) I believe that they are an absolute essential when climbing. I know it is a matter of personal choice, but with current styles and technology having come such a long way over the past few years, I don’t think there is an excuse anymore. Only the other day someone dropped a cam on my head mid climb! 

This leads me neatly in to talk about the Black Diamond Vector Helmet! Firstly the main bonus of this helmet is that it is super lightweight and comfortable, which makes it great for longer routes and days out. It gives a good amount of coverage while also not hindering vision... Some helmets I tried were fine until I looked up – then all I could see was plastic, which is no good when you are trying to belay! Regarding ventilation, it does a good job at keeping you head cool. Plus inside it has strategically placed foam pads which not only keep the helmet comfortable but also wick sweat away. 

The main buckle feels durable and is fully adjustable; I like the fact it is a standard clip fastening as I find some of the other alternatives fiddly, especially with gloves. There is also a handy adjustment wheel/dial at the back that means the helmet can be tightened or loosened with one hand. The helmet has four attachments for your head torch. These are great and although it can be a tad tricky to attach the head torch, once it’s on it’s not going anywhere! 

The only negative I have found is the helmet needs to be treated with care, especially when packing it into your bag and carrying it around with a load of gear – it is tough, but all the plastic fastenings don’t bear well jangling around with nuts and quickdraws!

All in all, this is a solid choice and a good all-rounder – as well suited to a relaxed day multi-pitching as it is to the longer alpine routes.
Banana Fingers: Black Diamond Vector Helmet

Black Diamond: Vector Helmet
Easy to adjust 
Have to be careful not to bend/warp fastening when in climbing bag