Routes to get you running: 6 of my favourite Peak District runs

1. The Perfect After work Run

Location: Burbage
Parking: Upper Burbage Bridge Car Park or Fox House Pub
Distance: 4 miles


As the title suggests this route is ideal for the evenings or when you are short on time. It is also a great introduction to fell running because as well as providing some fab views it also is not too remote or hard to access. You can either park at The Fox House Pub, or the Upper Burbage Bridge car park depended on which is more convenient.

Essentially the route runs over the top of Burbage, Carl Mark Fort and Higger Tor. Overall the terrain is rocky and uneven but really enjoyable, watch out for a few boggy patches lower down around Carl Mark Fort. My favourite section has to be the descent back to Fox House from Upper Burbage Bridge car park – once you know where you are going it is easy to fly down!

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2. Scenic run to the Salt Cellar

Location: Derwent Valley
Parking: Lay-by 1 mile before Ladybower Inn (from Sheffield)
Distance: 5.5 miles


This has to be one of my favourite runs, mainly because the views are always spectacular – especially in the evening when the sun is setting. Again this is another approachable route for runners new to fell running looking for a nice flowing run.

Starting from the lay-by, it’s a gradual climb uphill (not steep) to the rocky, wide track up to a fantastic view over Ladybower. You will then wind along before taking on a pretty steep line along the wall up to the Salt Cellar. Don’t worry if you are a bit out of puff at the top – it’s all downhill back to the car from here! It’s worth noting this route can get a bit muddy after a lot of rain.

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3. Jaunt around Longshaw Estate and Grindleford

Location: Grindleford
Parking: Anywhere in Gridleford – ideally near the Cricket Club
Distance: 4.5 miles


The route of one of my favourite fell races; this starts in Grindleford taking a steep uphill track through the woods. Make sure you keep your eye out for the path towards the top, it can get a little overgrown at times. Although it’s a bit of a tough start, it’s totally worth it as once this is out of the way the rest of the run is downhill pretty much all the way!

Incorporating an excellent mix of woodland, open fields and tracks, this is a enjoyable route. For me, the best bit of this route is the descent through Padley Gorge – it’s fast flowy and technical!

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4. 5 miles starting and ending at the pub!

Location: Totley Moor
Parking: Fox House Pub
Distance: 5 miles


Starting and ending at The Fox House I often end up running this on a Sunday so I can build up an appetite for roast dinner at the pub afterwards!

Despite being close to the Gridleford route mentioned above, instead of lots of woodlands, this run takes you across Totley Moor, which looks especially beautiful when the heather is out. Overall it’s a fun and relatively flat route which can be taken as fast or as gently as you like depended on your mood.

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5. Exploring the Edges

Location: Stanage and Burbage area
Parking: Hollin Bank Car Park (Plantation end of Stanage)
Distance: 15. 5 miles


A slight step up in terms of distance this is a great route for the weekend mixing all the best scenery the Peak District has on display. It’s best to park around Stanage Plantation although as it is a loop you could choose elsewhere.

Overall this route is nicely undulating with a good balance of climbing and descending and nothing too steep, making it an ideal choice for people looking to up their distance. After exploring Stanage and Burbage Edge, it’s definitely worth a post run visit to the Norfolk Arms for a well earned pint and pie.

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6. Mam Tor & Broken Road Loop

Location: Hope & Castleton
Parking: In Hope or at the bottom of Broken Road
Distance: 12 miles

Out of all the runs mentioned in this post, this one is my favourite – it is my go to regular route! Mainly because it takes you along some quieter, less busy tracks in the Peaks and I also really enjoy the climbs.

Again you can park anywhere on the loop – I tend to start in Hope as this give you a relatively flat few miles to start so you can warm up before the steep climb Mam Tor. For me the sections of the route I enjoy the most are the descent from Hollins Cross (fondly known as ‘The Ankle Snapper’!) and the section from The Nab to Hope Cross. It’s also worth noting although this is a bit shorter than route No.5 I would say it is physically harder due to the amount of climbing!

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Any questions on how to use ViewRanger or download any of these routes – just ask me here or get in touch on social media – happy running!




  • I’m off to try your “perfect after work run” this morning as my first ever fell/trail run! I have a terrible sense of direction so it was amazing to download your route, fingers crossed I find my way home. Thank you for your generosity in sharing x
  • Brillant - I hope it went well and you enjoyed it:)
  • Miguel
    Looking to try your 'Mam Tor & Broken Road Loop' is it possible to keep a steady good pace throughout the root ? how's the terrain like? Thanks Miguel
  • David
    Is there anyway to download these routes as GPX? Viewranger doesn't seem to allow it. Great routes, I've tried a couple already and really liking them.
  • Hi David, Thanks for your comment. :) I think the option is there in ViewRanger but am not sure quite where! If you like, drop me an email with the routes you'd like and I can send the GPX files over ([email protected]). Hope this helps!
  • Hi Miguel, The Mam Tor & Broken Road Loop is one of my favourites. :) The start of the route goes through fields mainly on grass until you reach Broken Road - this is tarmac, but as you'd expect, undulating and rough as it's broken! Once on the top of Mam Tor the rest of the terrain on the route is mainly small rocky trails - dependent on time of year, sections can be muddy. However, you should be fine at the moment. As for pace - it does depend how fit you are and how familiar you are on the terrain. :) Personally I think a steady pace throughout is achievable, but some days I also like to stop for snacks and photos!!
  • Phil Wells
    Hi, Ran the scenic route up to the salt cellar this evening after coming across it on here. Nice run, even though the final climb in the wind left me more than a 'little out of puff'. Thanks for posting, very easy to follow the route
  • No problem - I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hoping to get some more routes up soon too. :)
  • TB
    Thanks for the tips - I did the Mam Tor loop yesterday and it was fantastic!

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