Taking my mountain bike for a walk!

A bit of a fail today – I was desperate to head out in the Peak District mountain biking but as we have had so much snow options were a little limited.

I figured the mountain bike was the best option, so ambitiously headed out towards Ladybower to have a bash at the top circuit round the reservoir.

Snowy mountain biking, Peak District | Outdoor Adventure Motivational Speaking | Hetty Key | Mud, Chalk & Gears

This started okay, just a little slippery. However, the combination of summer tyres and the remaining snow meant I was like Bambi on ice! As soon as I had managed to get on and turn the pedals, the wheels just span hopelessly, alternatively when I did find enough traction to get going the option of steering seem to disappear! As you can imagine, the ride turned into more of a push with the exception of a very entertaining downhill section!

All good fun and games but I think I will wait a little longer for the snow to melt before taking it out again!


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